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human resource management

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Newspapers and television reminds us daily about the labor shortages in the IT sector within Germany and some neighboring countries. There is a demand for over thousands of IT professionals in the German labor market alone. A deficit workforce leads to slower economic growth for a company, as well as a decrease in potential income. Often companies lack resources for recruiting qualified personnel within Europe, despite the fact that the potential is out there. "REQUIRO" has recognized this deficiency and initiated the development of a service portfolio which provides employers easier recruitment of highly educated personnel within Europe, as well as, coaching potential job candidates and providing them with better conditions for finding job opportunities.  

 Do you have a shortage of highly qualified personnel in your company?


Despite economic unification within the European Union there are still obstacles that hinder collaboration amongst countries. As a person responsible for human resource management, this is a problem you are certainly familiar with. Cultural differences, language barriers, bureaucracy or different standards in the job application process make it difficult to establish initial contact with a potential job candidate. Even if contact is made, it is common that a candidate's documentation is incomplete and missing necessary information. "REQUIRO" is familiar with the demands of the German labor market and offers mediation services for tender documents, meeting all requirements and helping you get the complete picture of potential employees. Having a complete candidate profile ensures for easier interview preparation, which ultimately saves time. If you prefer, we can undertake targeted searches for qualified candidates for job positions you are seeking to fill.

How can I find a job ideal for me?


Are you a highly educated person looking to apply for a job within the European Union, but are unsure about how to do so?


REQUIRO can help you in your search.We offer assistance with tender documentation and oversea your application process from initial contact all the way to your job interview.We are familiar with the high standards individual companies search for, and can provide you with the necessary support to ensure a successful job application. Perhaps you need a course to help refresh your foreign language skills to help increase your competitiveness in a foreign job market, or you may only need help with translating all your document?Regardless, fact is that presentation and proper documentation play a key role in the application process. We will provide you with all the necessary resources and support in choosing a presentation strategy right for you.